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The experts' choice in Shoe and foot care for every lifestyle since 1963
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Offering the discerning equestrian premium leather and horse care since 1882
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A full service shoe and foot care company serving the footwear industry since 1890
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Yoga Botanicals
Botanical products for a natural lifestyle, free from chemicals and additives
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Interex Chemicals
FDA registered formulation, blending, filling and contract packaging services
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Elements Insoles
Perfectly aligned, quality insoles for every formal or informal occasion
EDBrands – Whitmore Lake, MI

EDBrands offers a long history of blending, manufacturing and distribution of both private label and branded shoe and leather care programs. Industry leading brands such as Cadillac Shoe Products, Griffin Footwear Products, Esquire Shoe Care, Apple Brand Leather Care, and Bickmore Leather Care are examples of some of the national and internationally recognized brands by EDBrands.


A long history of
blending, manufacturing
and distribution of
brand leaders